Publisher : Jaâfar Tabi

Course Language : English

Time is our most valuable resource. Yet, most of us haven’t been well educated at managing ourselves to make the most of our daily 24h. It’s never too late to improve on this major topic!

This training shares with you all the fundamentals you need to know and practice to become highly productive, and achieve all the major goals you set yourself. I used these proven ways myself over the last few decades, and practicing them is very rewarding, professionally as well as personally.

The course is made of 4 sections:

  • Your 10 worst enemies: we explore here the top 10 Traps most people fall into.

  • Do the right things: this section addresses what you should fill your day with.

  • Get organized: you will discover the ingredients of a powerful personal organization.

  • Be more efficient: You will learn here great tactics for high productivity.

This training allows you to:

  • Avoid the major time stealers and do much more each day.

  • Understand what is worth doing, and make sure you spend time on what deserves it.

  • Build strong habits that will put you in the 5% most productive people.

  • Discover proven techniques to boost your productivity.

Enjoy the training!

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