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Course Language : English

There are natural laws that govern our lives each day which are observable and experiential.  The law of gravity.   The law of cause and effect.   The law of growth.   And many other hidden laws.   

Would you believe that there is also a law to manifesting your dream life?   

A scientific, observable, experimental process that governs the creation of your desired Vision for abundance, prosperity, expression, and freedom?

In this course, the Science of Manifestation, you will be presented with the following:

the understanding of natural laws governing the mind

– the scientific process of birthing your visions and dreams

– deeper awareness of how the conscious and unconscious works together

– develop new habits that produce more positive results and conditions

– greater expectancy and desire to create

– a deepened knowledge of self and the infinite potential you carry within to manifest

You are invited to explore your inner capacity to know and experiment with the Science of Manifestation.   

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