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  1. Unfortunately, the anti-choicers in my state of Texas are instead going the gradual way, trying to erode abortion rights rather than an outright ban.

    Abortions in Texas are illegal after 20 weeks unless the fetus has a fatal condition that will result in death shortly after birth. Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that will force those women to continue the pregnancy to term (another several months), despite knowing that the baby will die.

    That’s barbarism

  2. All banning abortion does is get rid of the ability to get an abortion safely. You’re kidding your self if you think people aren’t going to still get abortions.

  3. Roe v Wade was and is a farce. Mrs McCorvey publicly repented and told the truth acknowledging that she LIED to SCOTUS, tried to unsuccessfully to meet her daughter and overturn this nonsense before her passing. Time to stop this money making, murder machine that has gone out of control.

  4. Their logo should not be pro-life, because most of them don’t seem to give 2 shits about the value of human life. They should simply be the anti-choice movement. Pro-choice people I know have far greater regard for human life than evangelical GOPers.

  5. From another article: “In Alabama, as Joyce Vance White pointed out in a column for The Post, the idea is to deny exceptions for rape or incest precisely so pro-lifers can set up a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. It may come as a shock to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), but around the country antiabortion forces figure they’ve got their majority to overturn Roe with Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and are racing to outdo one another in criminalizing abortion.”

  6. If this is over turned, then illegal abortion will resurface. and the unfortunate results will be women seeking back-street abortions or self abortions (I knew someone who used a knitting needle long ago!) and many losing their lives to sepsis infections. or becoming unable to have children when they want them. Legal termination needs to be kept on the books as an option for females in order to avoid these deadly outcomes. Consider what YOU would do in such a situation BEFORE you ever become pregnant , like the idea or not.

  7. Vote the Republican party out of existence. They are an existential threat to our democracy by propping up the so-called president, and they are also an existential threat to progress, especially women’s rights.

  8. Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh were put on the SCOTUS by Mitch McConnell with one purpose, to gut Roe v. Wade. McConnell even ‘stole’ a SCOTUS nomination from Obama in his last year, creating a horrible precedent for succeeding presidents. Trump has politicized the whole SCOTUS and whole legislative branch.

    This is the culmination of a campaign to turn women into second class citizens.

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