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Course Language : English

Creative Photoshop Working Techniques are everything You need to know as a successful Photographer or Retoucher – or maybe amateur photoshop user.

Get the key on turning on photos into pieces of art with my practical lessons I have prepared.  I designed this course to bring You the
most useful and amazing techniques in Your work and split them for a
few separated sections.

I truly believe that to learn
Photoshop effectively You don’t need to know whole theory behind the
program, and from my own experience I know that the best way of
learning is by doing! Especially when we talk about such an amazing software like Photoshop CC!

What will You Learn in this Course?

In this course we are going to go into
essence of creative photoshop techniques.

In the beginning section we are going
to go into something every photographer and retoucher needs to know,
lights and shadows. You will know simple things and then I will guide
You through really creative ways of setting up Lighting even on the
very specific areas or colors.

In the next section You will know
everything You need to know about Colors and Tones in Photoshop as well as in Camera raw! And then opposite
to this You will see ways of working with black and white
photography, and bringing up what’s the best on it.

We are going to end up this course with
amazing retouching techniques, that will make Your retouch quick and
natural. If that’s not enough for You, You need to know this course
is coming with creative technique actions made by me.

Photoshop CC Creative Working Techniques is one step journey from being amateur to become a Photoshop Pro!

Enjoy the Course!


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