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  2. BBT celebrated the rich blend of STEM & The Humanities. And the fact that a comely, nubile “Jr College Dropout” could make more money as a Pharma Rep than a Theoretical, Experiemental or Astrophyicists can make. I’ll miss Bob Newhart ….. again.

  3. Good riddance. Today’s sitcoms are nowhere near as funny those of the 90s. I never understood what people found funny about shows like big bang theory, 2 and a half men, 2 broke girls or any of the recent shows

  4. As a scientist, and a nerd, i found the broad treatment of scientists and nerds as almost wholly socially inept except with other token geeks who have their own unique and often crippling social issues as lazy and intellectually dishonest.

  5. Wow. By reading the comments the true nerds are being triggered and bitter. It’s a funny show. As bit of a nerd myself i only discovered it a few years ago and it makes me laugh. It’s Made it many years. Enjoy or don’t watch 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. Chuck Lorre is the Norman Lear of our time. Sure “Two-and-a-Half Men” is filthy but I’m sitting here watching an episode of it for the umpteenth time as we speak. “Mom” is even filthier but it’s also often touching and insightful, much like “All in the Family” was in its day. I’ve only seen one episode of “Young Sheldon” but it was also very touching. Sure there are higher-concept TV shows, but there’s something to be said for TV shows as comfort food.

  7. This was not a nerd-positive sitcom to many nerds. CBS took a bunch of actors, gave them glasses and geek-chic clothes, paid them millions of dollars and presented them to be laughed at. “Oh, look at him! He plays cello and is awkward with girls! How HILARIOUS! And his friend has problems with social norms! So does that one! And a foreigner!” The audience wasn’t laughing with the characters… They were laughing at me.

  8. I absolutely love it. It definitely portrays how our society is. Cruel and completely vain. I’m not smart enough to be a nerd but I most certainly know what it’s like to be laughed at but to be ok with it

  9. I adore this show…..some of the best, most intelligent scripts ever produced in a sit-com, pitch-perfect performances. The compassion and humor given to each individual character, every single week, has been a joy to watch. I’ve especially enjoyed seeing how each character has grown and matured from one season to the next. Thank you, Chuck Lorre and team. Congratulations to you all.

  10. It wasn’t nerd-positive, though. The entire premise of the show was making fun of them and showing how un-normal they are, and how “normal” the beautiful friends were.

  11. As a nerd, I loved it. As a former game store owner, who’s nearly every customer was, by definition, a nerd, I never heard anyone who didn’t enjoy the show, seeing parts of themselves and all their friends in the characters.
    It’s a comedy. The whole point if a comedy is to poke fun at the human experience.

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