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  1. Luckin Coffee’s piping hot IPO

    The Chinese challenger to Starbucks, Luckin Coffee, saw its shares zoom up 47 percent at the open as it debuted on the Nasdaq. But Fred Katayama reports, the startup warns it may keep losing money in the foreseeable future.

  2. Because being “hipper” and “cooler” are essential attributes of an effective and competent Chief Executive. #WashingtonPostOpinonTools

  3. People follow his ideas, not his profession. His past experience does explain his policies. He’s absolutely not a “only I can solve these problems”. He’s pointing out issues of concern that no one else does. If a more mainstream candidate adopted the same ideas, Yang would 100% support them.

  4. He is very well spoken and knowledgeable. He also has a lot of good ideas on how to solve some of the tougher problems facing us like AI and automation. I like that he isn’t afraid of anyone and not wedded to dogma or inside the box thinking. He is also willing to take his ideas into the toughest of places to pitch them. His debate with Ben Schapiro was really well done.

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