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  1. There was a solid full season’s worth of story to be told here. It felt rushed. I feel like the showrunners can’t wait to get out of here to start their “Star Wars” adventure.

  2. Well there used to be great source material, Jaime used to grow and be interesting, Jon used to…matter (does he even have a purpose this season?)

    I’ll still watch, and as much as I loathe some plot decisions, execution has been on point, and Ramin Djawadi’s score is amazing.

  3. I’m not happy about how quickly the show as to end, but every episode I have had a blast watching. Since I don’t spend all my time on crazy fan theories and comparing the show to the books, I’m just waiting to see what happens.

  4. Don’t blame the writers, I am sure they are more aware of their constraints. Blame the HBO execs who chose to cut shorten the last 2 season. Perhaps GOT should have been a 10 season show.

  5. It is what it is and we can’t change it, but it’s definitely rushed! At this point disappointment “should” be expected. That said, if they do this next 80 minutes justice I’m willing to change my tune… game on!

  6. I think it’s clear from the cast’s responses, everyone is well away of the writing/plotting problems.
    It’s very unfortunate bc the series promised so much for so long.
    I blame GRR Martin for not having the books finished. Lol

  7. It’s because they’re unhappy that it’s ending so they’re detaching. Might be the first TV show to elicit this intense a psychological response.

    Edit: it’s a conjecture.

  8. Big babies!! The extra long wait for this season increased the criticism factor. I’m enjoying it. And I expected Dany to go into Mad Queen mode.

  9. Well, most of us having been saying for awhile now that one 6 episode season was just not enough to tie up the lose ends and do it justice 🤷‍♀️

  10. personally for me it isn’t hating the last episode, its the point that this entire season that could have and should have been 10 or more episodes has been crammed and condensed into 6 episodes. And yes there are people who say these are the best episodes because they are so long…no full stop on that idea, just because they are long doesn’t make them great.
    The writers have butchered plotlines and character arcs that they have spent 7 seasons creating and for what? Their done with it? Bored with it?

  11. I’m critical and even I’m rolling my eyes at the complainers over season 8. I get the criticisms but overall it’s still incredible.

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