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  1. 60 million American lives taken by abortion and counting is criminal. If you must take the life of the unborn, consider physician assisted suicide. If the child must pass the mother should too. No repeat offense and justice is served. Here’s to Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  2. Says the woman that never had any kids, and has never known the emotional ties a woman has with her child. Her cold as Ice attitude, sucks. Willies Willie got her promotions, but those days are long over. So is she,

  3. …. of course, … because these women-hating men are OKAY with their daughters, their wives, their girlfriends, being butchered to death with coat hangers by UNlicensed ‘doctors.”

  4. The Post better get ready for a lot of headlines like “Alabama woman dies during botched abortion performed above bowling alley”

  5. As your liberal states enact laws on gun control etc to push conservatives out the conservative states are going to continue to pass laws to push the liberals that are fleeing Cali and NY.

  6. If, in 2020, we can remove enough of the treasonous oath evading Senators from Congress and maintain or increase the faithful to our Constitution members of the House, we can begin to impeach, convict, and remove from office all of the treasonous oath evading jurists from the US Supreme Court and throughout the federal judiciary.

  7. In 1992, Justices O’Connor, Kennedy, and Souter voted to uphold Roe v Wade DESPITE being anti-abortion themselves. They used the Constitution!

    “matters, involving the most intimate and personal choices a person may make in a lifetime, choices central to personal dignity and autonomy, are central to the liberty protected by the Fourteenth Amendment.”

  8. Don’t hyperventilate, vote as one block in 2020 for the Democratic nominee. The Russians divided and conquered in 2016. Don’t let it happen again.

  9. GOP lies and hurts people, democrats tell the absolute truth. Dems aren’t perfect but they’re the only ones looking out for regular Americans and women in particular. Republicanism = death.

  10. If this become law, it is doubtful that it would even make it to the Supreme Court, but if it did there is no way imaginable that the Court would uphold it.

    Three times since Roe was passed the decision came before the Supreme Court. It was upheld all three times. Two of which had a majority of Justices appointed by Republican Presidents.

    Most recently the Court has twice earlier this year declined to act on petitions in Andersen v. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri and Gee v. Planned Parenthood of Gulf Coast, thus giving a win to Planned Parenthood. Yes, both Kavanaugh and Roberts voted to let the lower ruling stand.

  11. A fool and his/her rights will soon be parted.

    If there are women who are too stupid to vote in favor of themselves, then they deserve whatever comes their way. I’ve met too many women who voted for Trump because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton. This is their punishment for their stupidity, and they deserve all of it.

  12. Hopefully these draconian laws put some fear into swing state voters and relegate republican victories to the states that insist on remaining in the dark ages.

  13. Read about Alabama and how their legislature has time to regulate women’s bodies… because they rank:

    Only 34% of Alabama’s population is college educated
    $26,498 is their median income
    Ranked 50th in the nation on education
    Ranked 46th in the nation on healthcare
    Ranked 45th in the nation on employment

    Yet Alabama’s legislature is focused on the reproductive rights of women rather than fixing their hot mess of a state.

  14. Hate to point this out, but Dems have failed to stop Republicans from doing pretty much anything over the last twenty years or so. If they want voters to flock to them, they need to start getting some results.

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