Crocheting is a great scheme to make fashionable and warm stuff to live well in winters. If you know a little bit about crocheting some common types of stitches then we have this DIY crochet slippers pattern for you to create great footwear fashion statements in really chilly days. Get them with your own skillful hands by crocheting the yarn or some bulky types of fabric. You can walk calmly and comfortably by wearing them just like the socks.

You can measure your feet size for a custom built of these slippers for a best fit. Once you wear these shows you will not take them all the day long as they are much light weight and give some really cool funky looks to your feet. We have given the straps to these shows to use them like sandals and finish them off with a red bow at the back for more appreciated compliments.

free crochet women slipper pattern

diy crochet winter slipper pattern

crochet chic slippers pattern

free crochet women shoes pattern

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