Pelajar di Lucknow diarah patuhi kod pakaian

LUCKNOW: Kerajaan Uttar Pradesh, India pada Sabtu mengeluarkan arahan mandatori kepada semua pelajar di sekolah dan kolej di negeri ini agar memakai baju berlengan panjang dan seluar panjang bagi mengurangkan risiko terkena wabak denggi di negeri ini.

Pelajar juga diberitahu tentang langkah pencegahan denggi semasa perhimpunan sebagai langkah berwaspada.

Sekolah-sekolah juga telah menerima arahan untuk mengekalkan kebersihan di premis agar tidak membenarkan pengairan air di kawasan berhampiran.

Pesuruhjaya Lucknow, Mukesh Meshram juga mengarahkan perbadanan perbandaran untuk membersihkan parit dan mengumpul sampah dari jalan-jalan dalam masa tiga hari.

Pihak berkuasa juga diarahkan melancarkan kempen kesedaran terhadap bahayanya wabak denggi.

Sebanyak 454 kes denggi telah berlaku di Lucknow di mana ramai yang kritikal dan dimasukkan ke hospital.

Dalam kes baru, seorang lelaki berusia 22 tahun meninggal dunia akibat demam denggi menjalani rawatan di Institut Sains Perubatan Siswazah Pasca Sanjay Gandhi (SGPGI) di Lucknow. – Agensi

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How to Make Windows 10 Pause Updates for a Period of Time

Windows 10

In order to service Windows 10 with improvements, bug fixes, and security updates, Microsoft releases updates every month. Unfortunately, these updates often introduce other bugs that could cause problems with the proper operation of Windows.

For example, in the past months, we have seen many reports of compatibility issues and other problems caused by a Windows 10 update. For example, the Windows 10 April 2018 Update affected the performance of web browsers and Windows 10 October 2018 Update deleted some people’s personal files, documents and pictures.

Windows 10’s monthly cumulative and security updates have caused problems, too. For example, a patch shipped in late September that disabled Printing spooler service and an update shipped in the first week of October 2019 broke the Start menu.

This has led some Windows users to want to delay, or pause, the installation of new updates until they have been determined to be bug free.

To do this, Microsoft lets you pause or delay Windows Updates, and here’s how:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on Settings cog icon or simply type ‘Settings’.
  3. Click Update & Security.


  4. Click Advanced options.

    Pause 2

  5. Under Pause updates section, click on ‘Select date‘ drop down box to select a date that you wish to pause updates until.

Windows 10 Home with May 2019 Update lets you pause updates for up to 7 days and you can pause updates for more than 35 days if you use Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions also have other advanced options, including Group Policy to pause updates.

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The Complete List Building Course: All Levels – Free Udemy Courses

Publisher : Sandor Kiss – Rob Montgomery

Price : $199

Course Language : English


You can get thousands of HUNGRY BUYERS waiting for YOUR OFFERS within a FEW DAYS! 

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I knew there had to be an easier way to create the Internet dream lifestyle I saw others living and I don’t want you to quit before the “MAGIC” happens – I am living proof – that the MAGIC will happen for you. 

I am that person who no longer sets the alarm clock. Most days I work in my pajamas. I can take days off whenever I want – I can take time off in the middle of the day. I take vacations frequently. 

Here’s Why It Works So Well: 

As you know, the way the “so-called” Internet gurus tell you to make money online simply DOES NOT WORK.   

You know that, I know that. We wouldn’t be here if it did. 

You can continue down the path you’re on trying to figure out a way to make money in Internet Marketing. ORyou can learn from someone who has been in the trenches doing this for YEARS.   

Why re-invent the wheel – when I can unveil to you everything I learned without you having to go through some of the failures I did. 

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You’ll discover:   

A guided course of 31 Professional, High-Quality, High-Definition videos that take you step-by-step through the process of how to build a list, craft offers and effectively use solo ads. 


  1. MODULE 1: 9 Videos that cover how to pick a winning niche and craft an irresistible offer.

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  3. MODULE 3: 11 Videos covering the right way to create a surge of Tidal Wave Traffic.

Here Is Just a Highlight Of The Topics That Will Be Covered… 

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List Building Cash Tornado Is A Multiple Award Winning List Building Training Program! 

The information inside this training are insider secrets that take regular guys like you and me and multiplies our cash-generating ability 100X instantly. 

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Mathematically Modeling Enzyme Kinetics – Free Udemy Courses

Publisher : ASIJ iGEM – Stephanie Eristoff

Course Language : English

Learn how to mathematically model enzyme kinetics!

In this course, students will learn to fully understand the background of enzyme kinetics, the concept of equilibrium and the law of mass action, the mathematics behind enzyme kinetics, how to model enzyme kinetics using Python, and how we used the skills taught throughout this course for our ASIJ iGEM 2019 mathematical modeling.

We hope that you enjoy this course and will find the skills useful for iGEM and beyond.

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Solution Pro Des Mots Niveau 584 | Tous les 4900 niveaux

Pro Des Mots
Bonjour tout le monde, ici nous sommes aujourd’hui avec Pro Des Mots, un nouveau quiz intéressant pour Android, qui est sur notre revue et trouver des solutions.
Pro Des Mots est un jeu très simple et intéressant dans lequel vous devez associer des lettres appropriées pour faire des mots.
Vous pouvez trouver le jeu Pro Des Mots dans les marchés Google Play et Apple Store. L’application a été créée par Word Games.
Utilisez le formulaire de recherche ci-dessous pour trouver vos réponses. Entrez toutes les lettres de votre jeu.

Mise à jour des solutions de jeux: 2019.09.16


Solution Pro Des Mots Niveau 584

La réponse à ce puzzle est:


Mots supplémentaires:


Ici, vous pouvez rechercher votre réponse par numéro de niveau, mais nous vous recommandons d’utiliser la recherche par lettres.

Sélectionnez les niveaux:

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Pro Des Mots dans d’autres langues!

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This ad isFeatured 8 images SEAT LEON CUPRA AIR RIDE SHOW CAR Worksop, Nottinghamshire *****Been offered £7,000 if you out Bid and can pick up ASAP message me as need gone***** 2009 seat Leon cupra 63100 miles (will rise slightly as used daily) Full service history Fresh service and mot in the last month Always ran on premium fue Year2009 Mileage63,177 miles Fuel typePetrol Engine size1,984 cc £7,500 Ad posted 5 days ago

[“$_86.JPG”, ]

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بارودۆخی یاریزانە پێکراوەکانی بەرشەلۆنە بزانە

بارودۆخی یاریزانە پێکراوەکانی بەرشەلۆنە بزانە

بارودۆخی یاریزانە پێکراوەکانی بەرشەلۆنە بزانە

3کاتژمێر پێش ئێستا

2651 جار خوێندراوەتەوە


جۆردی ئالبا لە پێکان چاک بوەوەو بۆ یاریکردن ئامادەیە و ئۆمتیتیش گەیشتۆتە قۆناغی کۆتایی چارەسەرەکەیەوە.
تیمی پزیشکی یانەى بەرشەلۆنە ڤالڤێردی راهێنەری ئاگادارکردەوە کە ئالباى بەرگریکاری لای چەپ لە پێکانەکەى چاکبۆتەوەو بۆ یاریکردن ئامادەیە.
ئالبا نزیکەى مانگێکە بەهۆی پێکانەوە لە ریزەکانی بەرشەلۆنە دورکەوتۆتەوە.
تیمی پزیشکی یانەى بەرشەلۆنە ئەوەشی ئاشکراکردوە کە ئۆمتیتی فەرەنسی و بەرگریکاری یانەکەش گەیشتۆتە قۆناغی چارەسەری پێکانەکەی و هەنگاو بەرەو چاک بونەوە دەنێت.
ئۆمتیتیش لەم دوو وەرزەدا تەنها 15 یاریی بۆ بەرشەلۆنە ئەنجامداوە.

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