Brasileiro transforma Chevrolet Opala em Toyota Corolla

Pois é… alguém resolveu investir tempo e dinheiro para criar esse carro esquisito que é o Coropala GTI, com várias partes da carroceria e detalhes Opala. Não sabemos maiores detalhes a respeito de chassi, suspensão, caixa de câmbio… O nome é Coropala GTI, com direito até a emblema na traseira.

A inventividade humana não tem limites! Com certeza gastaram um bom dinheiro nesse ‘projeto’.

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Car Theft Solved by Private Investigators

From time to time, a private investigator might be asked to track down a missing car. A car can be stolen from a public place, private residence, or a car rental agency.

Types of Car Thefts:

During economically challenged times, car thefts increase. Some people try to steal cars from rental agencies by using fake IDs to rent cars, and then simply never return them. Some steal cars for their own use, whether for regular daily use or for transporting contraband and later abandonment. Some turn the stolen vehicles over to chop shops, where the cars will be used for parts. Some just want a car to take on a race or joyride, and will abandon the car after using it for a period of time.

Some will sell a stolen car to an unsuspecting person, who has no idea that he or she just purchased a stolen vehicle. Sometimes, the owner sold the car in good faith to a person who passed a bad cheque. In other cases, a couple may have surrendered their second car to a re-leasing company to cut down on expenses; however, the car may have been leased to a “customer” who disappeared. Thefts may be for convenience – the thief may have some stolen goods to transport.

No matter what the reason for the theft, it’s up to the private investigator to use his or her ingenuity to figure out what happened and track down the car. It’s always a good idea to file a police report first, but because the police might not be able to take the time to track down your vehicle, a good Private Investigator can come in handy.

How We Track Down the Car:

A private investigator will use tools such as phone calls, casual conversations, and interviews. A good Investigator knows how to word questions and statements to get the most cooperation. Most people are shocked if someone they know has stolen a vehicle, and they will want to cooperate. The trick is in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and tracking down hard information that is admissible in a court case.

Investigators can use license plate scanners, GPS tracking that comes with certain cars, handheld devices, cameras mounted on cars, or interviews with anyone whose job requires driving around, such as delivery workers. PI Agencies in some countries might have memberships in professional organizations where information gathered from license plate scanners is stored in a database. Surveillance on public streets is generally legal and does not overstep privacy issues. One popular technique is keep a watchlist of all vehicles reported stolen by owners, and using the scanners to detect license plates of parked vehicles. Since thieves often switch license plates, it can take time.

The human element in the form of social media and community alerts can work wonders, too. Many people have assisted in recovering their own cars by posting pictures of their stolen cars on social media and asking people to share. It’s never a good idea for a friend to confront a car thief, but it can be really useful if they snap pictures or report sightings of the stolen vehicle without getting noticed by the perpetrator.

Clumsy planning on the part of the thief helps, too. Sometimes a thief will falsify an ID card to rent a car that they never return, but use a real address of someone they know. As we interview the person whose address was used, the person might recognize the description of the thief and give us clues as to where to find him or her. We can then conduct a surveillance and get videos of the perpetrator using the stolen car, which will be admissible in court. Once we have enough evidence to stand up in court, we can wait for the perpetrator to turn in for the night and immobilize the car with car boots before there is any attempt to make contact.

Over the years, Private Investigators form relationships with informants. Knowing how to befriend people who can supply information is golden. Cooperation from all sources is the most important key to solving crimes, and a good Private Investigator knows how to form those relationships.

Other sources of information, although not glamorous, are salvage yards, auto manufacturers, trash bins on public streets, and hidden cameras in public areas. We can also keep lists of vehicles with out-of-area registration tags on them, check on the vehicle registration for those tags, and track down the lienholder (lender) for the vehicle. That is public information and we can call the lender to see if the vehicle is stolen.

Another easy way to verify if a car is the one we’re looking for is to check the VIN number, which is often in plain sight on the driver’s side.

Repossession of the Car:

Once the car is located, it can be repossessed rather easily and the Private Investigator and client will agree upon the method in advance. Upon finding the car, it can be booted or disabled before the PI does one of three things depending on what the client wants: knocks on the suspect’s door and asks for the keys, notify the police, or notify the client. It is never a good idea for the client to contact the perpetrator, but the client could contact the police.

If the client is a business such as a rental car agency, the client may instruct the private investigator to repossess the vehicle. A team of two pis will drive to the location, boot the car, and explain to the perpetrator who they are and why they are there. They will cite to the violator the specific vehicle codes that were violated and the jail time or fines attached with such crimes. They will be firm but also very professional. Most perpetrators will hand over the keys without too much fuss once confronted. If not, a tow truck can be called to remove the vehicle. This should not be done without hard evidence and knowing the laws in your area.

How to Prevent Theft:

Most vehicles sold nowadays have key codes or tracking systems such as LoJack or Onstar. Some have microdots that tag individual parts of the car, so they can be identified if the car goes to a chop shop. However, even very sophisticated systems can be bypassed by professional thieves.

The best car theft prevention devices, such as ignition interlock and pedal locks, disable the vehicle so that it can’t be moved without the right key. If your car does not come with these devices, you can buy a self-setting immobilizer. Always lock your vehicle and park in the safest spots you can.

Unfortunately, car thefts are very common. Using reasonable security precautions and keeping a photograph and copies of vehicle registration information can help you in case of a theft. A good Private Investigator will work for your better interests in recovering the car.

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Blodgett Pizza Oven – A Potential Owner’s Guide to Baking Perfect Pizzas Every Time

Blodgett pizza ovens are industry leaders in the field of baking and cooking. Choosing the right model for your pizza baking business will ensure that you get the best performance for any given job. The following are some excerpts from the Blodgett gas oven 1048 model manual.

Blodgett Deck ovens have set industry-wide standards in terms of excellence for baking equipment quality, performance and reliability. When the ovens is properly installed and maintained, its simplicity in design and durable construction will ensure years of trouble free operation.

Main Parts of a Blodgett Pizza Oven

1.Ultra Rokite Deck – the stone deck that absorbs heat from below and cook the bottom of the product.

2.Steel Deck – also absorbs heat from below to cook the bottom of the product.

3.Deck Supports – for holding the oven decks.

4.Deck Seal – seals the gap between the deck and the front of the oven.

5.Control Panel – holds wiring and components for operating the oven.

6.Burner Compartment – found under the cooking chamber, encloses the combustion burners.

7.Combustion Burners – supplies heat to the baking chamber and the decks.

8.Deflector – redirects some heat from the combustion burners to the flue plates.

9.Flue Plates – found on the interior side walls of the cooking chamber. They conduct heat from the burners to the oven cavity. This heat cooks the top of the product before being vented from the oven.

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure airflow:

Place the oven in an area that is free of drafts.

Keep the oven area free and clear of all combustibles such as paper, cardboard, and flammable liquids and solvents.

Do not place the oven on a curb base or seal to a wall. This will restrict the flow of air and prevent proper ventilation.

Pilot outages or yellow, floating flames on the main burners are indicative of a lack of secondary air.

The oven must be installed with the legs supplied by the manufacturer.

Oven Operation:

Operating the 1048 Series Oven is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – Lighting, Preheating and Loading.



2.Push the red button on the AUTOMATIC SAFETY PILOT VALVE.

3.Apply a lighted match or taper to pilot burner.

4.After pilot burner lights, continue to depress red button for about 30 seconds and release.


6.Set THERMOSTAT to desired temperature.


1.On initial startup, preheat the oven to 600°F (315°C) over a period of four hours in increments of 100°F(55°C) starting at 300°F (149°C).

2.Check the oven periodically. This will temper the Ultra Rokite shelves and burn off any oil and fiberglass residue.

NOTE: The 1048 (with Ultra Rokite shelves) will require an additional 20 minutes on a preheat to 600°F (315°C).


Pizza in pans should be placed in rotation on the shelf to allow it to recover its loss of heat from the previous bake.

Do not allow pans to touch each other or sides of oven.

Open doors as seldom as possible.

The deck is intended for cooking pizza and bread products, other types of food may be cooked in

pans or containers.

Cook Temperatures

Cook temperatures vary with different products. Experiment with the initial bakes until you find the ideal combination of time and temperature.

Example: Pizza Baking

1.Run several bakes at 500°F (260°C). Make note of the time required to achieve a firm crust.

2.If the cheese breaks down too quickly or scorches, lower the temperature and lengthen the bake time.

3.If faster production is desired, run additional bakes increasing the temperature by increments of 25°F(15°C).

4.Record the results to determine the highest temperature at which you can bake and achieve quality results with maximum production.

NOTE: Pull time is critical at high temperatures.

Cook Time

Cook times vary with the amount of product loaded, the type of pan and the temperature. Raising the temperature to lower the cook time is effective to a point. Then the quality of the bake begins to suffer.

Your Reliable Companion

A Blodgett pizza oven in your restaurant kitchen is an excellent companion for meeting the demands of your customers. Once completely installed and properly configured, you are free to concentrate your time and effort on making new pizza recipes or improving your old ones.

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Windows Defender Gets a New Name: Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender

Windows Defender is being rebranded to Microsoft Defender to indicate that it now part of a cross platform family of products. This includes enterprise products, which offer solutions for multiple OS platforms.

Historically, Microsoft’s consumer antivirus product has been called Windows Defender. With the release of their enterprise security offerings called Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Microsoft Defender ATP for Macs, Microsoft has decided to rebrand the Windows version under this family name as well.

In a statement to BleepingComputer, Microsoft has stated that they are making these changes to show that their security products have become cross-platform under the umbrella name Microsoft Defender.

“As part of our continued $1B a year investment to deliver a world class security platform for our customers, we are extending Windows Defender ATP capabilities beyond the Windows operating system. As a result, we are renaming to reflect our cross-platform approach to endpoint security” 

While Microsoft only provided a statement related to their enterprise products, in the Windows 10 Insider build 18941 Microsoft has also changed the name of Windows Defender Antivirus to Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Windows Defender Exploit Guard to Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard.

This name change can be seen in the Windows Security settings as shown below.

Windows Security Settings

As discovered by,  these changes have also been added to the Windows 10 Group Policy Editor, where we can see sections for Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard.

Rebranded under Microsoft Defender in Group Policies
Rebranded under Microsoft Defender in Group Policies

There are still other components that have not been renamed. For example, this build of Windows 10 continues to use the Windows Defender name for Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security, Windows Defender Application Guard, and Windows Defender SmartScreen.

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5 Tips To Choose The Best Rental Car To Meet Your Needs

When you are on a business trip or vacation, renting a car can make it easier for you to get around. It allows you to move around without worry about the problems of public transport. Also, If you are going to travel with a group, you can rent a car to save a good deal of money. However, for those who are going to make this decision for the first time, it may not be easy to opt for the right vehicle. However, the following tips can guide you.

1. Number of Passengers

First of all, you need to count the number of people you are going to travel with. Actually, the idea is to look for a practical vehicle that can make it convenient for everyone to travel. Opting for a high-end convertible may sound a great idea, but it won’t be a sensible decision, especially if you are with a group. It’s against the law to cross the limit.

2. Luggage Capacity

Make sure you know the luggage capacity. In fact, this is an important point if you are not going to change hotels during your vacation. Also, if you are going to use the vehicle to travel from and to the airport, we suggest that you opt for one that can carry all your luggage.

However, if you go with one that has huge capacity, be prepared to bear the additional cost as bigger cars are more expensive.

3. The Fuel Budget

Like everyone, you may be looking for ways to save some money when choosing a rental car. One way to save money is to consider the amount of fuel consumption. Normally, large cars are used to carry a lot of passengers and luggage. Therefore, they don’t use fuel as efficiently as they should.

So, what you need to do is do your research to look for a fuel-efficient vehicle based on all your needs. On the Internet, you can easily compare many models on the basis of fuel consumption.

4. Required Features

Having the GPS facility in your car is a great idea. It can help you reach your destination without a problem. You may want to opt for a car that contains a tracker. This device is of great help in case the vehicle is stolen.

No matter how many features you need, you can find a service provider that can offer a car with all those features. If you are on a budget, you should choose only the most important features.

5. Consider the Excess Insurance

The majority of car rentals provide additional insurance. If you get involved in a road accident, the car rental insurance can help you cover the damage. Before you make a choice, you may want to consider your options.

Long story short, we suggest that you follow these tips when looking for the best car rental to meet your needs. By following these tips, you can save a good deal of money while traveling comfortably. Hope this helps.

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Alan Turing, Enigma code-breaker castrated for being gay, is the face of Britain’s £50 note

Alan Turing, the World War II code-breaker who introduced the basis of modern computing and was castrated for being gay, is the new face of Britain’s £50 note

Alan Turing, Enigma code-breaker castrated for being gay, is the face of Britain’s £50 note


How Long Can Ordered Pizza Sit Out?

As every college student knows, pizza never goes bad. After all, you can leave it sitting out all night, eat a slice for breakfast, and head to class, right? Well, the good news is that most of today’s college students either have incredibly strong immune systems or are incredibly lucky, because this is not true. Pizza take out has limits as to how long it can set out and still be decent to eat. The meat, cheese, and sauce on a pizza can all grow dangerous bacteria if left at room temperature too long. Here are some guidelines to use with ordered pizza when storing it for a later meal.

Remember, Pizza Is Perishable!

Some foods are considered non-perishable, but pizza is not one of them. If you leave it out too long and then eat it, you can get sick. Pizza has meat and cheese on it, and these can harbor dangerous bacteria, including Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and E. Coli.

Most pizzas contain trace amounts of these bacteria, but these low amounts are not dangerous. As long as the pizza is kept either hot or cold, it is fine to eat. However, when it is left a room temperature for too long, the bacteria begin to grow, soon reaching dangerous levels that can cause severe illness. The dangerous temperatures are 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the range that normal room temperature falls in, so leaving the pizza out makes it dangerous, if not deadly.

Understanding the Two-Hour Rule

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), any food, whether hot or cold, that has been left at room temperature for two hours or longer needs to be thrown out. If the temperature is above 90, such as at an outdoor picnic on a hot day, the food needs to be thrown out after just one hour. The best temperature for hot foods is any temperature that is over 140 degrees. Cold foods need to be kept at a temperature of 40 degrees or less. Although this recommendation is fro the USDA, it just as well applies to Toronto pizza as it does to New York.

Keep in mind that your pizza may not arrive at the right temperature. If you transported the pizza yourself or the delivery driver had a long route to take, the temperature could have dropped below 140 degrees before you even started eating it. Use a food thermometer to determine the temperature of the pizza. If it is below 140 degrees, do not leave it out for the two-hour maximum. It has already cooled below the ideal temperature, allowing the harmful bacteria to grow.

Storage Tips for Pizza

If you know that you will need to have the pizza available for longer than two hours, use your oven to keep it above 140 degrees. Put the oven’s temperature setting on “keep warm” or a similar choice, and leave the pizza in its cardboard box in the oven. The pizza box will not burn at this temperature, but you will be able to keep the pizza safe.

When you are done with the pizza, store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Many people like to store the pizza in its cardboard box. While this is fine health-wise, it can cause the pizza to dry out faster. You can also freeze the pizza. Pizza stored in the refrigerator is typically good for three or four days. You can keep it in the freezer for up to two months.

So the next time you are at a party and are reaching for that now-cold piece of pizza, remember that it is a prime place for dangerous bacteria to grow. If you are the host of the party, keep your guests safe by putting the pizza away after two hours. Remember, you may have eaten left-out pizza in the past, but every time you do, you are playing with fire. Protect yourself by handling your take out safely every time!

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Buy Cheap Car Insurance Info: How to Find an Affordable Auto Insurance Policy Online

Whether you are hoping to buy cheap car insurance for the first time or want to get a new policy, you need to shop online and do some comparison to make sure you get the best deal. You will need some type of coverage, no matter where you live. Your auto lender and state’s laws will require you to have at least the basic coverage.

To help you get the most affordable auto insurance possible, here are some things you need to know:

• Even if you already have a policy, you still need to review it at least once a year. There are so many factors that affect the rate, some of which you might not even realize. If there is anything in your life that has changed recently, there is a possibility that your auto insurance is affected. This can include divorce, moving, marriage, new home purchase, adding / removing a driver, buying a new car, change in credit score, etc.

• Start looking online to try and get quotes from multiple companies all at once. Know what the minimum requirements are in your state, and consider getting more coverage if you think you might need it. If you are unsure how much you need, check with your DMV or Dept. of Insurance.

• Don’t buy any unnecessary coverage. If you have an old car that isn’t worth much, it probably isn’t worth comprehensive coverage. Drop any coverage when the actual cash value you would receive for your old car doesn’t justify the insurance expense. It’s still a good idea to have insurance that will cover medical bills (the other party’s and your own) in the event that you are involved in a bad accident.

A Clean Driving Record Helps You Buy Cheap Car Insurance

• Know that your driving record is going to play a huge role in how much money you will have to pay for insurance. If you have negative marks on your record, you are going to pay more. Your credit score might also affect the quotes you get when you search for rates.

• Look for discounts wherever and whenever you can get them. For instance, it’s usually easier to buy cheap car insurance if you already have house, property, or some other type of insurance with a particular company. Insurers will give huge discounts to individuals who have multiple policies with them. If you are a student, there are student discounts you are likely to qualify for. Look for coupons and promo codes as well.

Start doing comparison shopping right now. Just enter a bit of info about yourself and your vehicle and you’ll learn about your options to buy cheap car insurance. The best place to start the search is esurance. The site offers very helpful resources and makes it easy to file claims. You might even qualify for esurance discounts on auto insurance.

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Ex-astronaut: The government should allow NASA to exercise its full capabilities

“My hope is that someday a government’s going to…say, ‘Hey, we’re going to fund NASA for 10 years…we’re going to let them do the things that we know they are capable of doing,’” former NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on the future of space 50 years after Apollo 11.