Persefahaman agama kunci perpaduan – Waytha Moorthy

PUTRAJAYA: Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri P. Waytha Moorthy hari ini menegaskan kepentingan memahami sensitiviti agama yang menjadi platform kepada keharmonian kaum di negara ini. Merujuk kepada surat yang disiarkan dalam akhbar hari ini yang bertajuk “Plea For Vegetarian Food”, beliau berkata perlu ada persefahaman agama dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia terutama dalam perkara yang melibatkan […]

Mysterious Halloween Bundle (Limited Time Bundle)

Dress up your audio this Halloween with plugins that are sure to make your audience scream. Come trick or treat with W.A Production and hold out your bag to receive the 2019 Mysterious Halloween Bundle. This bundle contains 300 presets for Serum and 2 amazing plugins that will give you the advantage of depth and distortion. Experience […]

Wishing you are as electric as this opal ring?!? #opal #ring #electric #carolncr…

Wishing you are as electric as this opal ring?!? #opal #ring #electric #carolncrystal #carolandcrystal #gemstones #aus #oz #natural #rainbow #spectrum #beachdays #noosa #sunshinecoast #sunnycoast #sand #sun #sea #salt #perfect #day #luxury #lifestyle #waterfront #house #boathouse Source

QSnatch Malware Infects Thousands of NAS Devices, Steals Credentials

Thousands of QNAP NAS devices are getting infected with a malware dubbed QSnatch that injects into their firmware and proceeds to steal credentials and load malicious code retrieved from its command and control (C2) servers. Germany’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-Bund) says that, based on sinkhole data, roughly 7,000 NAS devices in Germany are currently affected by QSnatch […]

Sepia Marketing for newbies and intermediaries – Free Udemy Courses

Publisher : Alkazmir Joe Course Language : English The course is hugely interactive with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section. Learn step by step how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels. Follow the steps on screen to get results at work, for own business or […]

The BeLive Studio2 Course for Live Broadcasters – Free Udemy Courses

Publisher : Steven J Healey Course Language : English This new course is designed to help everyone who uses BeLive Studio2 from BeLive tv Studio2 released on June 26th 2019 is the best way to broadcast on Facebook with up to 4 people on screen. Studio2 has been developed using user experience and feedback. This course is designed for you , whether you are just starting or are a seasoned pro. You can ask questions , you can practice , we provide the support as you need it  WHAT – we show what BeLive Studio2 can do. HOW – we tell you how each feature works WHY – we look behind the scenes and  illustrate the system design.  BeLive is a community where we all help each other to produce the best broadcasting experiences All you need is your Chrome browser, a camera and microphone.You can broadcast on your personal profile, business page or in a group which you admin. Studio2 provides all the resources we need to produce an engaging viewer experience We are here to guide to through all the features and advise you on how to create an excellent viewer experience. We will help  you to enjoy broadcating on BeLive Studio2 Enjoy broadcasting and if you have questions please ask You can try BeLive Studio2 for free whilst it is on Beta. Check the link in the Bonus lecture  I started using BeLive tv in October 2016 . I have hosted and produced over 800 […]

Was macht Unternehmen nachhaltig? | Option

Laufend fragen wir Dich zu einem konkreten Schwerpunktthema nach Deiner Meinung. Die besten Statements (250-700 Anschläge) werde auch in der Print-Ausgabe von Option veröffentlicht – und tragen so zu einem Pool an Lösungen für eine positive Zukunft bei. So einfach gehts: Bei Option anmelden und gleich am Ende dieser Seite posten. Liebe Grüße & positiv denken!Helmut Die […]

Monsanto wins $7.7b lawsuit in Brazil – but farmers’ fight to stop its ‘amoral’ royalty system will continue

A Brazilian appeals court has decided in favor of Monsanto, the global agribusiness conglomerate, in a landmark class-action lawsuit filed by Brazilian farmers’ unions. The court’s nine justices unanimously ruled on Oct. 9 that farmers cannot save seeds for replanting if the seeds are harvested from Monsanto’s patented Roundup Ready soybeans, which are genetically engineered […]