Russian FSB Intel Agency Contractor Hacked, Secret Projects Exposed

A contractor for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has been hacked and secret projects that were being developed for the intelligence agency were leaked to Russian Media. These projects detail Russia’s attempt to de-anonymize users on the Tor network, collect data from social networks, and how to isolate the Russian portion of the Internet from the rest […]

Biaggia Pizza Ovens – Delicious Pizzas Made From Your Home

The Biaggia pizza oven is professionally designed to fit the countertop in your home or office kitchen. You can now experience expertly baked pizzas right in your own kitchen. Biaggia pizza oven Model 502 comes in polished stainless steel for the outer housing and the front of the food rack. Both rated at 22 gauge […]

Microsoft Edge Uses Controlled Feature Rollout to Test New Features

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is using Controlled Featured Rollout to test new features with randomly selected small groups of users. Over time, Microsoft gradually increases the size of the control group to garner further feedback and usage statistics. Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) is a procedure used by Microsoft to roll out new features to small randomly […]